Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tucked in for Winter...

Well it's that time of year,,,when we tuck in our trailers for the Winter.....and already I am daydreaming about next years trailer outings.....but till then I will have to just keep dreaming and making more goodies to decorate my trailers. Speaking of which...I have crochet a pink & blue rag rug for my 1963 Scotty and I also made an(other) apron to use when in my '63 Scotty...this one is brown with grey & pink Scotty dogs...if you click on the pic you will be able to see them better.
The western album is actually a b-day have no idea how much I want to keep it for myself!
As for Peek-a-boo kitty, she is such a camera ham.... I love this wonderful book. It has all sorts of wonderful vintage trailers in fact 2 "sisters" from our Sisters on the Fly group have photos of their trailer in this book.
I love curling up on the sofa and looking through this delightful book. But even more,,,,I am looking forward to the book that Irene Rawling's is creating on Sisters on the Fly and all the wonderful events we attend as well as a lot of our trailer in it...The book is due out in April 2010.
I know I can hardly wait!


  1. Love the rug! I wish I were talented enough to crochet a rug for our trailer. Really cute photo book too.

  2. How's the view from the picture window - beautiful fall colors or just the usual bucolic eye candy? You're so talented and giving, but supposedly the best presents are the ones we give & wish we could keep! Lucky friend. I'm excited, too, to see Irene's book. Perhaps an Annie's signing, and we can come stay at Casa Kitties?! xxea