Monday, April 19, 2010

WoHoo! Work has started Up!

Yep, you see right...No floor!
Hubby decided that the old sub floor needed to go.... Now to seal the underside of the wood before screwing it down.
On the plus side, the trailer will not have any funky smells or odors with all the new wood.
And it is comforting to know that the floor won't gave way under my feet.

Hubby loves his power tools! And so do I...cuz it makes his job so much more easy!
Next we need to lay down the vinyl floor and then onto the birch wood walls, wiring, cabinets, insulation and then button her up!
Last will be the tires, new paint & then hook her up and go Glamping!
Happy Trails!


  1. Way cool! Sure wish I could get to mine. Soon, I hope.

  2. How exciting Gracie! Look at your sweetie doing for you! He sure loves you!


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