Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lots of Pillows

I love using pillows as a source of decorating...Cute, Colorful and Light Weight. The cowgirl pillow is from scraps left from an apron project and an old sheet. I found cute silver metal cowgirl hat, and cowgirl boot buttons to embellish the pillow.
The large pillow, white with pink roses is a pillow sham that I found at the Thrift and for only 99cents.
The Pink and brown pillow is a sweet pillow that I won in a blog giveaway by "Dark Horse Farm Designs."
The pillow case, (pink & black) I stitched up from fabric that a sweet friend form the MaryJane Farm forum sent me as a gift.
Hmmm, I am thinking I just might have to go down to my sewing room, dig through my scraps and stitch up another pillow... after all, I have a little room left on the bed for another pillow or two! lol!


  1. Wow, you busy, busy girl! If you keep this up you might get the Aljo done too....who am I to talk? lol....if we ever have nice weather....

  2. Your pillows are adorable Grace!!! ANd your trailer is looking so darn CUTE! Gary is such a great hubby!