Monday, August 9, 2010

Wagons Ho to Idaho!

This is the Appaloosa Museum in Moscow, Idaho
2720 W. Pullman Road, Moscow, ID. 83843
You can't miss it, when you see the "Welcome to Moscow" sign, it's just across the road.
Yep, I am camping, I mean, Glamping at the 'Pony Club', part of the ranch, owned by legendary George Hatley.
This camping trip was for the Appaloosa Horse Museum fund raiser. 13 years and going strong!

Here is Juli Thorson's (Sister #444) cowgirl trailer and my little Scotty.
We had perfect Idaho weather not to mention a fantastic Dutch Oven cook-off.
Just 'chillin' by my trailer after packing it up and getting ready to head back to Spokane, Washington.
Ah, Good Food & Good friends, (L to R) Marie, Ed & Juli

Hanging out at the Pavilion...
Juli, George Hatley & friend....talking about horses no doubt!
George, at 89 years young may not be able to ride anymore, but his heart and love for horses and trail rides is still strong.
He has authored several books on Trail Riding and Back Packing on horse back.
Of his 2000 acre ranch he has set aside acreage for the use of Equestrian Clubs to use for events, shows and trail rides.
You can learn more about him via the Appaloosa Museum....
Fiddlers fiddling for us!
Juli greeting some of the riders.
There where riders of all ages, from this young lady to some ladies in their "Golden Years".....
Cowboys and Cowgirls alike are the most friendliest people!
This young cowboy helped me navigate my trailer over to the camp area.
A future Marlboro Man in the making and cute as a bug...He is gonna steal some cowgirls heart someday!
What a wonderful weekend, from the Fiddlers fiddling for us, the singers serenading us with old and new country & western songs, a fantastic assortment of Dutch Oven meals...
Dutch Ovens are to cowboys & girls what crock pots are to potluck dinners! lol!
Here is a little bit of Appaloosa info for you....the appaloosa horse was developed by the
Nez Perce & Palouse Indians, thus the "appaloosa" name. These wonderful horses were adapt
to the prairies of the Palouse...
Hope to see you at next years "Apalousey Trail Ride", I know I will be there!
For more info on the Appaloosa Museum go to :
,,,and yes, Cowgirls & Cowboys do still exist in our modern high tech world.....
You can't be pretentious when you are mucking out stalls & using an outhouse!....
I am looking forward to next years event but until then, as Dale & Roy would always sing,
Happy Trails to you, until we met again....


  1. Wonderful photos documenting a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing, Grace. :-)

  2. Grace, I am a new Prosser Farmgirl, and hope to join SOTF in September. I bought a 1975 Cardinal trailer earlier this spring, and I am still struggling with it. I wonder if you, or Gary, might be willing to answer some questions about the restoring of your camper? I am lilliport@yahoo. I have been enjoying your blogs for over a year now, and want you to know that you are appreciated very much! Thanks...Linda (Lilli)

  3. hey Linda,
    sending you an email....
    Welcome to being a "Trailer Mama"! lol!

  4. Thank you for sharing more of your adventures!

  5. Do any of you happen to know the little cowboy's name? He seems familiar to me...