Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trailer Number "3".....

Welcome home little trailer,,,,,, Trailer #3
I have no idea what year or make she is...but I just had to adopt her.
(9/24...update...We think it is a 1964 FleetCraft, based on an other exact trailer w/o the back chopped off)

OMG! don't you just love the wrap around front windows? I know I do! It's like having a
wrap-around porch.....

She has seen better days and quite frankly has not been very loved, but that will all change...
I think the whole back end has been replaced, as the aluminum is not the same pattern as the front & sides, plus the make-shift metal band across the top was put on, rather crudely I might add, to cover the joining of the roof & back side.
But as I always say...Show No Fear!
The front and sides look fairly decent considering this old gal is about 40 + years old.
The Ice Box looks to be 1960's, and is Aqua color inside and very clean.
And it actually has a decent amount of storage space considering it's small size.
I love the aqua in the ice box, and no musty moldy smells anywhere. Whew!

It has cupboards above the sink as well as under....
The original Bankette/Dinette was here and most likely there was a small kids bunk up above, but who ever had this trailer removed the Bankette & put in a Full size bed....I threw out the bed foundation & mattress....I will re-frame this area and convert it into a twin bed/sofa and then on the wall just adjacent I will install a hinged table top that can be in a closed position when not in use and when I want to dine in my trailer I can flip it down. I have a cute little portable chair that will fit perfect in this spot.
I will buy a Futon mattress to fit on the Sofa/Bed like I did in my Scotty trailer.
More cupboard space & windows...Oh, & I have the perfect cute little Chandelier to fit in the kitchen area! SCORE!

Again, more storage, and the oven/stove is clean as a whistle. All I need to do is buy 3 stove rings to go on top of the stove burners.
All in All, I am really delighted....The underside has been totally rebuilt and in great saggies or squishies...
There is a small crack in the narrow front window that can be repaired with glass putty/sealer.
It also has new insulation in the walls...
I will have to do some crafty cosmetic work to cover up the "uglies" but there is very minimal water damage, I did find some light staining in 3 spots, but the wood was not damaged by it....That's what water seal & paint are for.
So,,,I am thinking this will be my "Farm Girl" trailer, using the "Whistle Stop Cafe'...Fried Green Tomatos" as my country theme...I think cheery red/yellow/green & blues will be the perfect color tones.
I will paint the walls a cheery yellow & use the other 3 colors as accent...Thank goodness I collect vintage linens, doillies & aprons....cuz I am going to need them for this "Country Farm Girl Cutie".
Well, now I am off to go play in my new play house......come join me, I will put on a pot of tea and slice up a piece of Apple Pie for us.
Happy Trails!


  1. Super cute! Can't wait to see it in person! How'd you convince G to let you buy it? :) Have a super day!

    Love ya,

  2. Way to go, Grace--you got her! I thought she needed to go to someone we knew, glad it was you!

  3. You know this looks like it was made from a bigger trailer. That's why the metal isn't the same. Too cute though! Have fun

  4. WooHoo. Another baby for you to dress up. Can't wait to see it when it's finished.

  5. I think she is AWESOME---love the white farm look cabinets. I would adopt her any day!

  6. Well Grace,
    It looks like a real winner to me. I would love to have one to play with. Oh all the possibilties! Fried green tomato's theme sounds nice. Loved that movie. Well lets see pictures as you change it over.
    Nancy JO

  7. Wow, this looks to be in great shape, Grace. I love the white. You have a blank canvas so do whatever you want to her. I am always amazed by you gals with multiple trailers. I have enough on my hands with one! Congrats.

  8. OMG Grace!!! I cannot believe you have a third trailer. And I cannot convince Hubbs of how badly I need my first!!!!! Whaaaaaaaah! Great going! I love it!!

  9. Hi. I saw a similar trailer in the book "Teardrops and Tiny Trailers". It's on pages 65 and 66 and is described as a 1957 Comet trailer, with its glass-cornered "wraparound windshield". The back side of that one is more rounded, but the front part looks right on. I enjoy your blog and I keep looking for my own special little canned ham to buy.


  10. Gracie, I LOVE your new third baby! What a cute floor plan! Can't wait to see her all decked out in farmgirl goodness!

    Love ya,

  11. what an adorable trailer!
    i have a '65 kencraft.
    she's a big girlie at 24 feet
    and i refuse to pull her. the
    hubs has to. i'm looking for
    a wee little cutie like the
    one you shared in this post.

    last weekend we enjoyed our
    first vintage trailer rally.
    staging our trailer inside and
    out was so much fun and seeing
    the 65 other trailers was a
    blast. amazing weekend.

    here's a link to my blog post
    showing the outside of our