Saturday, December 4, 2010

A TeePee

While stopping off at our little Market in town, I spotted this kool trailer at the Christmas Tree lot. It's called a "TeePee"....I am guessing mid to late 1960's...
Sure wish I could have gotten a peek inside.....
I am guessing the springs have been flipped so the trailer rides higher......
It is so cool looking, I love the scrolly iron work at each side of the front window.
Update on the TeePee Trailer.
I got to take a peek inside the other day,,,oh my! it is just dreadful how beat up it was inside....some one had ripped out the interior and slapped together 2 sets of makeshift bunk beds,,, It has or should I say had a front kitchen,,,stacked & cluttered & beat to crap! But the original "Burnt Orange" colored mid 60's stove/oven was still in there...the interior walls were ruined from years of moisture damage and the floor was scary! It had been used for a typical 'hunters trailer' over the years (reason for flipped springs) & then bought by the current owner to haul up into the forests of Montana to live in while cutting down Christmas trees and then as a temporary living quarters for the tree lot sales man.....I got the phone number of the trailer owner....maybe I will give him a call in the Spring when he might be interested in selling? Who knows.
And like I say...."Show No Fear!".....besides, maybe hubby will have trailer #3 done and I can talk him into another 'project'! lol!


  1. I sometimes miss living in our travel trailer, but I sure don't miss trying to light the oven.

  2. That's the first thing I noticed also, Grace (the iron scollwork). Spotting these little gems is like spotting a handsome man walking down the street for us sisters isn't it, LOL?

  3. hubba-hubba with that fancy iron work! i too crane my neck when i see a trailer....i just get goofy! lol!!!!

  4. "maybe I will give him a call in the Spring when he might be interested in selling?"

    Are you insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Spoken as only a husband would! lol!

  6. at least the outside looks decent. maybe the guy will sell it and you can have fun with a new project.

  7. Were you ever able to do any research on the TePee trailer? We just bought one and I am having trouble finding information. Wondering if you could help?

    1. Tepee's were built by the Broken Arrow Mobilhome Manufacturing Co in Broken Arrow, OK
      Check out 1962 Tepee SWVCA
      I typed in " vintage teepee trailer and came up with lots of sites and photos.
      Enjoy your 'TePee' and let me know what you discover.
      Wagons HO!