Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wal Mart Shoppers....

Attention Wal mart Shoppers!

The next time you take a jab at the people who shop Wal Mart stores, you might want to stop and think.... who are these people?
All I know is today 3 ginormous custom motor homes pulled in, you know the kind, private coaches that cost between $300-500 thousand dollars each.... The 3 motor homes I saw pull into the parking lot came from the Northern Quest Casino and I would venture they belong to the celebrities that just performed there. I am in awe, these things are totally self contained and I have seen models with sleeping quarters, luxurious bathrooms, offices, kitchen galleys and sitting room. These have 5 air conditioners! The 3rd motor home was black but with a very similar design, I just couldn't get around to get a photo.
So who shops at your Wal Mart?

I think 'Reba McIntyer' was recently performing at the Casino... could the design which sort of looks like an "R" mean it was her & her group? Hmmmm, I wonder....
Hmmm guess I'll never know.

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