Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trailer #3's Door Curtain...

Well, I finally got around to stitching up the curtain for Trailer #3...for the entry door.

I had a yard of this cool Moda vintage looking towel fabric,,, but the door window was 12" x 42" so I needed to lengthen the fabric...once again I snooped through my stash of fabric and came across just enough 'Ticking' fabric to extend the length of the Moda fabric.,,, then I found some scrap jumbo RicRac trim! Wahooo & Voila! New door window curtain. I even had enough Ticking fabric to make a tie sash for the curtain.

Now to paint the curtain rod red and then get everything installed...

Trailer #3 aka 'Farm Girl on the Loose' is coming along and I can hardly wait to go Glamping in her next Summer. Happy Trails!


  1. I even had abundant Ticking bolt to accomplish a tie bandage for the curtain.

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  2. I luv 'Ticking' fabric,,,, for those who are not from my generation... ticking was the fabric used to make (bed)pillows... usually blue or red striped.
    It was/is a duable (almost denim like) fabric.
    Now'er days you can still find Ticking fabric at some fabric stores... I just happended to have found some at the Joanns Fabric store in Spokane, WA. and the best part, they had it in blue, red & yellow.... {it was stashed by the heavy Muslin, Aida cloth, Burlap & Target cloth}
    It makes for great deco fabric not to mention cute overalls for kids.
    Happy Trails!

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