Monday, March 19, 2012

What Do You Do...

What do you do when you can't go 'Trailer Glamping'?
Why you go 'Cabin Glamping' instead!

Gal-pal Juli and I headed out to Elk Idaho for a weekend of Junktiquing & trailer trolling...just your typical gal~pal girlie weekend get-away.... As you can see from this picture,,, lots of snow in Elk... oh and that bottle of wine in the window,,,gee,, how did it get there? lol!

If you 'blink' you will miss the town of Elk,,, looking up the main street through town...

and the other way... lol!

Juli & I gabbed till our jaws ached, visited neighbors, had an awesome hamburger at the local tavern, enjoyed some organic wine, watched two old classics movies, watched it snow and wondered if we were going to get snowed in on Sunday... but alas, we didn't get snowed in.

On the way back to Moscow, ID...we did some 'Trailer trolling'... I'll post a few 'teaser' photos.

Happy Trails!

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