Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So while out at one of my favorite Thrifts,,, I came across 1/2 dozen petticoats...OMG! I thought I had died and gone to Petticoat Heaven!  lol!
There were blue ones, a black one, yellow one, green one, etc., plus this pink one... aacckk! so many choices,,, what's a gal to do?
Well to not put my marriage in jeopardy I only purchased only one,,, this one... I love the dusty rose~pink color and that it is a bit longer than the others...plus it is what is called a '50yd' petticoat...meaning it has 50yds of fabric so it's quite full and fluffy....

Needless to say,,, I will be 'stylin' next year at our annual 'SOTF shops Farm Chick' camping/glamping event! Now to find a pink cowgirl hat, oh wait! I have one... so now all I need is a pair of pink cowgirl boots! 
(p.s., the pink boots below, are a size 6, way to small for my size 8 cloddhoppers!...lol!)

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  1. Love it. I didn't see the pink boots below but I wear a 6, me, me, me!!!!