Saturday, December 22, 2012

More Trailer Goodies...

 Lookie Lookie,,,, I found this kool 'Scotty' banner.... I can hardly wait to display it outside my Scotty this Summer while Glamping... it's  2' x 4'.... easy to spot in the camp grounds.
 Then I found this sweet vintage chenille rug... I tossed it in the wash,,, and it cleaned up beautifully... yep, it will go out into the Scotty.....
 Then I found this uber silly Jeff Foxworthy of "You might be a red neck' fame...
I also found this Gorham Crystal mini Martini glass ornament.....I haven't decided which trailer it will adorn... and last but not least,,, I found this 'Ice-o-matic' ice crusher.... it will go in our newest~old trailer... it appears beige in color but it is actually a peach color....  I love surprising our trailers with their very own Christmas presents.... don't you?


  1. Hi kAT,
    Hey I'm going to have to get out to the thrift store, you are getting way ahead of me with these great finds!
    Have a Merry Christmas!!!
    Nancy Jo