Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Time to Come out of Hibernation...

Yep,  it's time for the 'Girls' to come out of hibernation...
 Farm girl on the Loose... is Happy...
 'Gnome Home' is Happy
I am sooooo ready!


  1. I thought that trailer was called Scotty with a potty? Anyway, we will be hitting the road very soon! Can't wait...seems like ages since we met.

  2. hey Karen,
    I call her 'Scotty w/a potty' but her SOTF name is 'Gnome Home'... funny story about my mom stealing the Gnomes outta my Garden...family mischief!

  3. Oh Grace, you are so lucky to have your trailers out. My little Betty still has her tarp on. Today when I woke up the wicker chairs on our back desk were covered in snow again! Grrrrrrr. My patience is running out :)

  4. Isn't it just so much fun to get our little trailers out and ready for the camping season. Your little trailers look so cute! I'm still working on decorating mine and have a lot to do. I hope to have it done for International Glamping Weekend. I enjoyed dropping by and checking out your blog.

  5. hey Lynne,
    your 'LaDeeDah is sooo cute!