Monday, May 27, 2013

Catalog Trailer

I was perusing through a 1965 Montgomery Wards catalog when I came across this...
You could actually 'Order' a camping trailer from Montgomery Wards... (1965 catalog)
It did not list a Brand/Maker I would guess MW would contract out with a trailer fabricator to make trailers... and maybe give it a name to be used by WM... kind of like Sears and Kenmore.
Which makes me wonder if that is why there are a lot of 'unknown' trailers out there.... as I have seen posts from people (on FaceBook) asking if anyone has any idea of the Brand/Maker of the trailer they are posting.
It seems a tad expensive but then again, that was 1965,,,
The catalog also sold 'Plans" for you to construct/build your own camping trailer.

Here we are, 2013, and catalogs have fallen by the way side and Montgomery Wards has fallen away completely.  Yep, times are changing....

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