Thursday, October 3, 2013

Glamping Finds

Well I may not be able to go glamping right now,,, but I can still go Junktiquing for glamping stuff!
 I found this kool western themed jacket... the label reads: Sharon Young ~ Dallas
 I love the fun western motif,, and notice the Cowgirl riding the steer......
I got a great tip from my wonderfully creative friend, Juli,,, to use western belts to decorate pillows, cabinets and even to use as curtain tie backs.  This child size belt will be perfect for any one of those ideas.   I could not resist the vtg. curling iron,, it's (almost) the same color blue as my Serro Scotty trailer.  As for the pattern, I collect mid-century modern anything... I luv photo coping mid-century images to use on craft projects.
Now if only I could go Glamping.....

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