Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Candle-liers...

I made 2 'candle-liers' from a tomato cage, some chicken wire, canning jars, re-cycled crystal and some scrap cotton ribbon...
 I cut the tomato cage and folded over the legs...
 The smaller candle-lier (below) was just the last ring and legs of the cage.  I found some scrap small gauge chicken wire in our scrap pile...and the crystals came from a junked out old brass chandelier..
I hung a small mason jar in the top candle-liere and a I used a small baby food jar for the 2nd (green) candle-liere...I put little tea light candles in the jars.. so very cute... it sparkles ever so cute in the sunlight... and in the evening, when the candles are lit,, super sweet.
Hmmm, now what shall I create???? 


  1. Hi Kat,
    Looks really cute, well you know until those bows catch on fire. But even that could be pretty. You are just so creative.
    Nancy Jo

  2. heeheehee, Nancy~jo,, I hear ya about the 'tea light candles',, the safer thing to use is those little battery operated / faux tea lights that look like candles.. I buy them at the 'dollar' type stores and keep them in my trailer,,, so I can use them on windy days or when ever... they are great to have and much safer... :>)