Thursday, June 12, 2014

Carol DuVal (Queen of Crafts) and Flamingos...

Ok, so what does Carol DuVal (Queen of Crafts-HGTV crafting show) and plastic Flamingos have in common?  Wellllll... over a dozen years ago, she did a crafting segment on decorating plastic flamingos.... from decopauge' to feathers  to glitter and even making them little outfits!
Well I had 2 faded flamingos,,, from 5 summers of guarding my trailer  in the summer sunlight...
I just can't bare to part with my flamingos no matter how faded,,, so I decided to channel my inner 'Carol' and Voila!
 the front one is gold with multi-colored wings and the one in back is all gold.
I did not apply glitter to the eye/face/beak...

Easy peasy project... all you need is plastic Flamingo(s) (I have seen small ones at the $1 stores),
'Tacky" type glue (I used Arlene's Tacky Glue in the gold bottle)
a 4oz container of glitter - color of your choice...I found 6oz containers at the $1 store.
sponge type craft applicator.
a comfy lawn chair,.
some Dean Martin music (or what ever your choice) in the background.
A tall glass of Iced Tea... steer clear of alcoholic beverages... or you may end up with more glitter on you then your Flamingo! lol!

Yep, Every Trailer Diva needs some 'Blingy Mingies...!  lol!


  1. Wow, I think you have too much time on your hands!! Whoa! Hang on to you Flamingos everybody, Grace is on a crafting binge!!!

  2. I have an old fade one, I think this is a great idea, pink glitter for me!

    1. Sharon,,, Glitter to your hearts content... I Did!
      I need to hit the "$1" type stores and see if I can find any smaller flamingos that they usually carry so I can have a bunch of 'babies' flocking around the big ones! lololol!