Monday, December 15, 2014

Trailer Decortions...

Well faschnizzles!  I had really hoped to be able to decorate my Scotty as well as Tin Cup & Cubbie for the Holiday season,,, but with the number of storms and strong winds,,, I could not do any decorating this month, Bummer!
In fact, because of the winds and rains, we had to relocate all 3 trailers to avoid broken tree branches from landing on them... Oak trees up here are prone to breakage......
as you can see, the 'littles' are parked up along the Shop to buffer the winds.
I truly wish I could have strung lights and set up a cute Holiday scene.

 and this is my excuse for not decorating last year!
According to the weather report, we are due in another storm of rain...  and possible snow just up the mountain... HoHoHo!


  1. Thought you left Spokane to get away from all that wind and ugh weather??? Didn't work too well...huh? What is that other trailer...haven't seen it before.

  2. hey Karen,,, yep, I goofed up somehow,,, weather wise! lol! My lil Scotty is the trailer on the right.. The trailer on the left is our 1949 Cub Cruiser by Viking... needs total interior and some clean-up on the exterior. Why don't you & Sherry come down and help! lol! I will provide the Wine! lolol!