Friday, May 20, 2016

Haven't Disappeared,,, Yet!

Hey my Glamping friends,,, I have not fallen off the face of the earth... just up to my eyeballs in 'Stuff'!
The last time I posted was in early March and now here it is nearly the end of May... where does the time go?
Well for me, I opened a small shop up in the 'Village' of Coarsegold, CA., to keep me busy and out of Antique and Thrift shops,,, so far my lil  shop has not slowed me down from juinktiquing,,, it has however curtailed my glamping trips...  Not good! lol!

I decided to take a trip to visit my mother down in Palm Desert and then she and I flew back to Spokane to see the (her great) grand~kiddos.

In between opening my shop and mini trips I haven't been able to Glamp, but I have been spending time out in my trailer, just relaxing and day dreaming about hitting the road again with my lil trailer.

Hubby and I did a reality check and decided to (and did) sell the Silver Streak and the Shasta,,, leaving us with my Serro Scotty and the lil Viking.
In all honesty we knew it would be a very long time before we could tackle the task of re-habing the Silver Streak and Shasta,,, so we let them go to new homes and owners who wanted them and had the time for them.
Actually now that we are down to 2 trailers it is really quit freeing... so it is a Good Thing.

I have been shopping for new~old glamping stuff...when do I not? lol!
I peruse the various vintage trailer sites on 'facebook' as well as 'pintrest' for ideas...
I still attend lunch/dinner get to-gathers with the local 'Sisters on the Fly' sisters up here and am collecting (more) stuff for my SOTF camping trip in late summer at the Hearst Ranch in Central California.

And,,, OMG! I am actually thinking of re-doing my Scotty again... that is the fun thing about our trailers,,, like Barbie dolls, we can change their 'outfits' as often as we want... lol!

Well,,, time to go on 'pintrest' and see what cute trailer deco ideas are there...after all,,, summer is just around the corner and so is Glamping season...
Happy Trails!
by the way,,, I am not the only one who likes to relax in the Serro Scotty!
mama and keekee love napping in my trailer.


  1. I get the biggest kick out of your blog. I wish I had a vintage camper and could do some glamping. Hugs, LJ

  2. Oh L.J., Dare to Dream,, it could happen... Having a lil play house on wheels is such a delight...even when I have to share it with snoozing!