Monday, February 23, 2009

And So It Begins.... Demolition Day!

It was a rainy day, perfect for demolition, and so the fun begins.
Hubs & I played in the Man Cave.
*Give a man a hammer & he will pound away for a day...
*Give him a 'Sawsall" & he will cut everything!
I'm thinking he had more fun then I did, tearing the trailer apart.
"Show No FEAR" and he certainly didn't & had fun in the process!


  1. the fun part about being the "photographer" is ya don't have to get dirty or messy! I may be "blond" but I am certainly not "Dumb!" lolololo!

  2. Wow, that birch interior is primo. If this trailer is from the 60's, it has to be early 60's. Birch interiors like this weren't seen much after the 50's. And I love those dinette seats with the little triangles. You got a winner here, Gracie!