Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome to My Gracie's Victorian Rose

We had such fun re-vamping our "Lil Twinkie" 12foot 1976 SCAMP trailer that we wanted to do it again....but this time with a Vintage Canned Ham Lil Twinkie went to a new loving home and we searched till we found "Gracie's Victorian Rose".... We bought her for $950.00....a tad bit more then I wanted to spend...but structurally GVR is in great shape thou she does need some "cosmetic work" and so now the fun begins!
Just hope the old check book holds out!!!! aacckk!
For any of you that have ever "re-done" a Vintage Trailer project...the initial purchase of the trailer is always the cheapest part! But oh the fun, the shopping, the demolition, and finally the restoration!

"Gracie's Victorian Rose" is a bit of a mystery as we do not know her true age (what woman admits her age? haha!)...the previous owner did not have the title & the Washington Dept. of License...could not find enough of the Vin number to run through their system.
The License plate lists it as a 1963...So for now, as far as we know GVR is a 14foot 1963 Aljo Trailer. So by doing the math that makes GVR 46 years old and that makes her younger than me! Hmmmmmm! Unless through our research we find out that she is actually older!

Gary is sliding through cyber space looking for Bits, Pieces & Parts for Gracie's Victorian Rose..... the Internet is a great tool for finding resources and information.
I found the perfect fabric and will be sewing the new curtains this coming week not to mention continue to call Upholstery Shops for quotes on the Sofa and the Bankette seats.... other then that Gary & I will do all the rest of the re-model ourselves.
Well I will be posting LOTS of pics as we progress.
Today's task was demolition, fun but dirty!
So do peek in from time to time and watch the progress.


  1. This will be a treat to watch. I have always wanted to own a cute little camper! Maybe someday... But for now, I will live vicariously.

  2. Oh, Gracie, I envy you this fun job! You will be creating a new little home on wheels, so much fun to start from scratch too. Keep us posted on your every move!

  3. haha! watching the progress of our little adventure in "Vintage Trailer Land" will either motivate you or scar you off! lol!

  4. How AAAdorable! I'm putting this on my favorites list; want to follow all the action!

  5. Thistle Cove Farm,,thanx for stopping by....I'll be posting pictures weekly...