Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's been pretty quiet here lately!

Karen's 1959 Aljo before my hubby got to go play in it! LOL!
Karen probablly having 2nd thoughts....& wondering what Gary has done to her trailer!
This is Dash,,, Karens B.F.... he wanted to help too!
Me, taking a break from "Supervising" LOL!

Ok so after the Sisters on the Fly camping trip, hubby & I have been busy with "projects"....he is putting in irrigation for our "Baby Orchard in Training" & my Lavender field...
Also a dear friend from Pennsylvania was out for a week long visit and we had the best time at the MaryJane's Farm Fair weekend (see my other blog)....
But now it is time to get back to renovation on the Aljo...GraciesVictorianRose. GVR

Gary & I have discovered that the Aljo is not a 1963 but rather a 1959 trailer... here is the funny part, a dear friend of mine, Karen, just "inherited" a 1959 Aljo...the very twin of my now we are "related" lol!

While Gary and I were over at Karen's working on the back supports on her trailer...we did discover some minor differences in our two trailers which leaves me to believe that they might have been built in two different locations. Which was not uncommon back then.

I am amazed at the work that Karen has done on her trailer already & if things go well,,,,and do renovation/construction jobs ever go perfectly smooth?....her trailer will be up & running for next Summer so she too can have fun camping in a vintage canned ham.


  1. Wow, what a nice writeup! Hate that pic of me but you knew that! lol Yes, I have two 'little men in my life' Dash, and grandson Grayson. They are the best men!
    I did find out that mine was probably made in Calif. as the water tank has a Calif address printed on it. HUmmmmm...
    I am back at it this week, more pics later. Thanks for the lovely thoughts, have fun on yours! Can't wait to see it completed.

  2. Darling picture of you sitting in the back of the truck! Love your jeans and boots! Good luck to Karen with her trailer!


  3. Hello! I just stumbled across your blogsite and loved it! One of my favorite pleasures is peeking inside re-dids of vintage trailers! Oh my goodness, but you and your hubby are ambitious folks with yall's! My husband & I bought a '69 Prowler, which is not what I was hoping to find, but it'll work...recently. He did a few necessary things & I started painting part! My hubby wants to take the entire trailer apart this winter and do what your husband does...I pray he 'forgets'! :o) No telling when he would get it all back together!! It's my dollhouse kinda thing right now!! Thanks for all your great ideas!

  4. Kat...I love your little caravan and pictures! It's so great finding out how much we seem to be 'twins'! Are you coming to the Giddy-up in New Orleans in Feb.? My Louisiana (Southern-Fried Sisters) are hosting it and it is going to be spectacular! By-the-way...I am also interested in Forensics, crime prevention, criminal psycology, etc. Love T.V. show "Cold-Case Files"...

  5. also, my husband is a very good golfer, teehee