Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cute, Huh!

So I found this cute plain jane coffee pot that you put on the stove to perculate your coffee...I also found the cute little napkin holder...I bought both for under $ all I had to do was buy a can of red spray paint & have funnnn! It's like daddy said: If it moves, Salute it! If it don't, Paint It! LOL! I love this and it will look so cute in my Aljo- Gracie's Victorian Rose..... if you go about 12 or 13 down you wil see the coffee pot unpainted sitting on the stovetop of my Scotty.


  1. I LOVE your new look here Gracie! GREAT job girlfriend! Hugs! Maryjane

  2. LOVE your RED coffee pot! I still use mine like that from time to time, they do make great coffee, huh?!
    You have a great site, I sure enjoy poking around on it!!! :o)