Thursday, August 13, 2009

Firemama's Trailer...

Ok, so Heather & I have been bugging poor Amanda aka firemama, to get a vintage travel trailer so we can go on "Glamping" outings.
I guess Amanda finally got tired of constantly being bombarded with e-mails from us to "check out Craigs List"... she & her hubby found one yesterday and brought it home. So needless to say, first thing today I was over at Amanda's house checking out her new "home on wheels".
It is really cool inside...great big windows and really roomy for a 14footer. It is a 1971 Breeze. Not sure who it is made by but no it's time to start decorating....Amanda is going to have such fun.
Now there are 4 of us, (in the 'neighborhood' so to speak) with vintage trailers, Karen~kpaints, Heather~pickles, Amanda~firemama & me....and as I type I am working on another girlfriend, encouraging her to find her perfect little 'home on wheels"...


  1. Oh Grace that is so exciting Amanda got a vintage travel trailer! Oh as we know, she will have a blast camping! Hers kinda looks like Joyce's don't you think?! Wish I was there to join in all the fun!!!!!


  2. You are soooo GOOD! :o) She is going to really be glad you talked her into this! We have a '69 little Prowler that we are still working on & my hubby wants to do what your's does..pull it in the garage and work on it this winter. I've already done my painting & some decorating inside's on my blog too. LOVE reading about the vintage re-do's of trailers. Hope to see photos of your bud's progress! :o)

  3. I am so excited for Amanda! She is going to love it! And the fun is just beginning.....