Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Need (WANT) One of These!!!!

Wouldn't one of these look soooo cute next to my trailer????
I found a shop that carries them, and in colors too!
I think a pink one would be perfect for a my Serro Scotty trailer.
For a mere $150.00 it could be mine. Guess I had better start saving my loose change.


  1. I know where you can find one, too!!! You definitely need this!!

  2. Oh Grace that is soooo cute! I thought...I want one to, then I thought a little harder and realized I have a brown one in my back yard I bought at HomeGoods about 4 years ago! Dahhhhh Mj! Perfect for camping! Now we need to find you one!!! Miss you sweetie!


  3. I have a couple of questions about renovating your super cute trailer!! I'm wanting to paint my oven to make it black instead of white. I see that you've done that! I'd love to knwo what sort of paint you used. Thanks so much!
    hersouthern charm at gmail dot com

  4. Hi There,
    Do the Sisters On the Fly Gals paint their own trailers, or do most of them have them painted by a bodyshop? If they paint their own, do they use a brush, industrial sprayer or spray can? What about the artwork?


    janinemdavis at gmail dot com

  5. Hey Jen,
    there is a special spray paint for BBQ's and appliances that come in a spay can...check out your local Lowes-Home-Desprate-Depot as well as Wal-marts.
    I used regular spary paint on my stove, as I rarely use my stove in my trailer & when I do I don't crank it up past medium. I did the same in my Scamp trailer and never had any problems with blistering. Hope this helps.

  6. Hey Janine,
    Some of the gals paint their own trailers, while others have them professionally done. One of the gals, Teresa, had "decals" created & applied to her trailer of vintage Western Movie posters.
    So it is really up to you.
    Personally I am not fond of brush painting,,,I would suggest using a paint sprayer for a better, smoother job or if the budget fits, take it to a body shop.
    I am toying with the idea of trying to paint my Scotty...worse comes to worse if I mess it up then I will take it to a body shop to be done right.