Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Last Post.....

Oh my Stars! has it been that long since I last posted here on my trailer blog????
We have had such a busy summer with laying irrigation lines, and house guests that poor hubby & I just have not had time to work on the Aljo, so she sits naked as a jay bird out in the Man cave....I have managed to whip up a few crafty items to decorate my Aljo with....and here are two of them....the picture frame was a white plastic faux wicker picture frame....I tossed the goofy picture and painted the frame red...I will either put a mirror or nice picture in the frame. Now the tin match keeper I found at one of my favorite vintage/antique shops, and for only $3....needless to say, I painted it, decoupaged on a piece of Roy Rogers & Dale Evans fabric and then glued on some rhinestones....pretty glammy, don't ya think?


  1. Cute, cute, cute Gracie....but then what would we expect from the queen of glam!!!

  2. You are sooo creative! I'll bet your wheels are turning all the time. Like you, I love finding something to recycle into a unique, fun thing that makes me smile when I look at it or use it! I found the cutest little girl's small stove [like for a Barbie] that has 'burners' that make noise & an oven that opens & a broiler that opens...all I could think of was 'gotta have it...50 cents!! :o)' It sits in our old farmhouse type kitchen with my wax tarts & tealites in it. Love those things...they make me want to stay home & busy when I burn them...I need that incentive! lol! I enjoy your blog!

  3. You clever girl you! Love them both and who would have thought about decorating that match tin so cute!!!! Loving all the glam!