Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Trailer Crafting Fun.

Here I go again......give me a can of spray paint & I will find something to paint! lol! The next time you see these items(first warm day I am heading out to the Man Cave) they will no longer be these colors....The tall coffee pot was originally yellow, I painted it this soft green, now I think I will paint it pink just for kicks -n-giggles!
The lime green basket was white, I painted it green to match the decor in my SCAMP trailer which I no longer have so the basket will become Ocean Blue to match the blue in my Scotty trailer.
As for the little yellow coffee pot, I am thinking pink with blue polka dots! It will also go into my Scotty.I LOVE spray paint! This is my newest pillow case that I made for my Aljo trailer, Gracie's Victorian Rose. It is a sweet westerny flannel with wide ric rac & my 'Sisters on the Fly' ID number embroidered on it.
I am so glad I have an embroidery I can embellish everything I sew up for my trailers.
So like daddy always said..."if it moves salute it...if it don't..paint it".
Happy Trails to you...


  1. Glad to see you are busy is that new trailer coming??

  2. DARLING pillowcase Grace! Great job!