Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sister on the Fly 'Halloween HO-Down'

I am always amazed at the creativity of my "Sisters" gal-pals....
Bonnie had this lovely Palm tree stained glass made & installed in her sweet Oasis trailer.
Bonnie's Oasis & Tammy's Kenskill trailers.
New "Sister's", Phyllis and Connie joined us at the Spokane River. Phyllis has the Aladdin & Connie has the mini motor home.
Sister Francine's trailer has a Dutch Door,,,How Cool!
My lil Scotty w/a Potty...
Heather, Jan, Juli and Tammy just catching up on the latest Sister gossip....
Bonnie's cute Oasis trailer.
Heather's sweeeet "4-Chix Only" trailer...
I love this Logo that is on Tammy's newest-old trailer...
Nancy's fun trailer "Iron Pony"
Juli's newest old trailer, "Galaxy Girl"...
Fran found these cool retro dish towels made by Moda fabircs.
Halloween HO-Down, Sisters on the Fly, Oct. 2010
What can I say...except, what a fun weekend we had. Just a small impromptu get together of Gal Pals who are members of 'Sisters on the Fly'....we spent the past 3 days on the Spokane River camping, drinking coffee by the fire pit, watching the Heron's catch fish in the river, deer walking around our campsites...then there was the fantastic weather, great pot luck, oh and let's not forget the shopping, antiquing, yard saleing and general mischief that we got into.
We had some brand new sisters and some old sisters and it felt like we had been friends for ever.
And as always, it is bitter sweet to say good-by and go back to our worlds....knowing that most likely we won't get another camping trip in this year.
But watch out 2011,,,here come the "Sisters".....
Happy Trails to you, until we meet again....


  1. Great photos, Grace, and a super-good time. Thanks for organizing (once again) and making it happen. You're the best!

  2. Wonderful to see the different sweet! Maybe this next year, I will find one! Again. Sure hope so, at this rate I will be too old to handle one!