Sunday, October 17, 2010

Working on Trailer #3

Well, it's in the mid 50's, cold, and the sun is shining so that makes it a perfect day to work on Trailer #3...aka "Farm Girl on the Loose"....
Since there is no room in the ManCave we have to keep #3 outside, covered...not to mention drag everything outside to work...
My husband is my Prince Charming! He could be inside the house watching football, but he knows how much I want to start decorating this trailer so here he is working on #3, even though it's cold outside.
Did I mention he is my Prince Charming?
What Mess?
The wood above the kitchen windows is up...
The back & side walls are done.....
All the molding will go on last after the main wood is put up.
Hubby has already replaced the old wire screens with new nylon screen.
Front cabinets done, the cabinet door fronts are ready to go,,,but first I need to locate the knobs I want & yep, found them at Hobby Lobby...I need 8 knobs.....but I will have to wait till next week to get out to the Hobby Lobby over in Spokane Valley.
The template is ready to take to the cutting table to trace out the new front for the wall to floor cabinet.
And here is the new front on the wall to floor cabinet.
We have re-insulated the ice box with Non-Formaldehyde insulation and put it back in.....
But now we are done for the day, it's getting really cold so the tools are put away until next weekend.

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  1. It's coming right along, looking good! Love the 'perfection man'! Lucky you!