Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Ukulele Time...

Ok, what do you do with a cheesy Thrift Shop souvenir Ukulele????
Why you decoupage it of course!!!! and then add some pink & green rhinestones for Bling!
TaDa! kitschy Ukulele for my Scotty trailer....and if you pay real close attention you'll notice that the fabric I used on the Ukelele is the same fabric as my Bankette curtains!
Never throw away scraps of fabric!!!
Now to decoupage a guitar that I bought at the Thrift....
: > )


  1. sweet! r u gonna play it around the camp fire?

    sounds like so much fun!

  2. I should,,,it might keep the coyotes away from the camp grounds! lol!

  3. Be careful or you might find it in Mig's trailer when you least expect it, lol.

  4. When Gary and I went to Kauai last year, even the "cheap" ukuleles were about $40! And no bling! Lilli

  5. Cute! Yes, I bet you will have the coyotes holling to cover your act!!!! lol