Saturday, February 26, 2011

Petticoats & Pearls!

Petticoats & Pearls.................every gal needs a fun & flirty petticoat aka Crinoline.........
I bought this sassy red petticoat for our "Petticoat Potluck" to wear when camping this summer for the Farm Chick Crafts & Antique Show over in Spokane, Wa.
I can see it right now, my sassy red petticoat, cowgirl boots, Blingy T-shirt, Cowgirl Hat & Pearls! YeeHaw!


  1. Make sure you post a picture!!!! I am sure you will look fabulous :) I Love me some crinolines too!

  2. I saw some SOTF on I-5 yesterday!!! The SOTF's were exiting at the rest-stop on SB I-5 just north of Vancouver, WA. I was too far over or I would have exited too and hunted the SOTF down and asked if one of you was YOU! I had goosebumps at the thought of one of them actually being you and sad that I was in the wrong lane and couldn't exit in time!!!

  3. Oh Monica, you crack me up!
    Sorry to say, I was not part of that "migration" of vintage Sisters on the Fly trailer caravan...but it is that time of year when we all start to come out of hybernation,,,dust off our trailers,,,
    Wagons HO!