Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Girl Camp...July 2011

Welcome to Girl Camp,,,,July 2011

The 2nd Annual "Girl Camp" in Elk River Idaho, was once again hosted by our fearless leader, Juli Thorson.

Some of the sweet little trailers on the lower pad....(left to right) Patty, Karen, Bonnie, Deb
and (not in pic) Shelly.

Trailers (left to right) Juli, Mig & Grace.

Mig's lil cabana complete with Tiki Bar.....

Here is a better view of Deb's, Bonnie's & Karen's trailers....and up above in the background is Tony's trailer. (not shown are Shelly's & Maureen's...but they were here.)

Mig waiting for someone to bring her coffee...sorry Mig, it's self serve around here! lol!

Juli & Patty....Glamping princesses...

Inside Patty's trailer....how cool is this? a side kitchen! (make mental note:next time use flash for back light! duh!) The sink, counter top & stove/oven are a dusty rose color with copper colored back splash tiles....sweet!

Karen & Shelly 'Chillaxing' waiting for dinner....

Check out Bonnie's cool wine glass... it's a canning jar glued to a candle stick/ holder.... I can see making some as Christmas gifts!!!! fill them up with Lemon Drop candies or M&M's... hmmm, thinking, thinking! lol!

Stephanie, Juli & Ed,,,, checking to see if the Turkey is done.... Ed, our Master BBQ King smoked a turkey for us for our dinner..... talk about Pot-Luck!!! lol!

Oh, did I mention it was Ed's (Juli's husband) 50th Birthday? Yep, complete with an 'Airstream' trailer cake... normally hubbies are not allowed at Girl Camp...but since it was Ed's B-day, and he did smoke a turkey for us,,we made an exception.... lol!

Speaking of cakes,,,, Juli is attempting to light the candles on Ed's cake as niece Julianna stands by with the fire extinguisher! lol! Notice Ed trying to keep his hat brim out of range of the flames!

I LUV this table topper...check it out !it is a custom made saddle pad made by Nancy DeWeir~ Geaney. It was featured in a MaryJanes Farm magazine last year and then bequeathed to Shelly who is using it as a table topper(for now), eventually she will use it for her horse's saddle, but for now....it is Trailer table adornment.... The pad was made from a re-purposed blanket and is supper soft....lucky horse. You can find more of Nancy's creative works at her sites: http://www.darkhorsefarmdesigns.com/ and http://www.gomakeyourbed.com

I just LUV the ingenuity of my gal~pals.... check out what Shelly did to maximize space...yep, she used a couple of those hanging sweater & shoe organizers to tuck & store her stuff. How clever is that? Thanx Shelly for the idea & yes, I plan to organize my trailer closet better!

Is this a Cool trailer or what? it is a Ken Craft,, the sides are aluminum and the front/top/back is fiberglass....this is the trailer with the side kitchen and is owned by Patty (in door way)... Too funny, DeeAnn's outfit matches Patty's trailer... and Maureen is putting the exercise balls to good use...by using them as a cushy seat...lol!

I found this little 'Tea Cart' at a junktique shop and in 'grace fashion' I spray painted it to match my trailer & Voila! instant cute cart to display my hand-me down tea set (Thanx Heather)....

Just a quick glimpse inside my trailer....

Well it's time for me to go take my shower...so I am off to ride my bike down to Stephanie's to use the shower at her little cabin...and yes I am in my jammies...but what the heck,,, as far as I know there are no laws in Elk about it being illegal to ride your bike to the shower in your jammies!
p.s. next time I will bring my other bike, the one with gears...riding over to Steph's down hill was a breeze...it was the ride (uphill on an old gearless cruiser) back to my trailer that caused me to break a sweat...darn! now I need another shower! lol!

Well, sure glad you came and visited..hope you enjoyed the photos and that you are inspired to get a sweet lil trailer and go Glamping! Happy trails to you!


  1. Hey...that tea/coffee set looks OLD. :) Looks like you ladies had a blast. Wish I could've been there to hang with you all. We need to start planning a late summer get-away.

    Love you!

  2. I enjoyed all of the pics. Wish I could of been there with you! Hugs!

  3. great pictures!
    sweet times by all, looks like it. :o)

    sis #1818


  4. You girls had way to much fun! Ahhh, girls camp! Glad you had a blast!


  5. So much fun. I love the idea of "sisters on the fly" but my husband loves to camp and fish so I just can't bring myself to join the sisters because he would want to come along and it's a sisters only club....right? Love your trailers. Mine is a 1969 Lowlander and I love it.

  6. I love those pics I took of your interior and of you on the bike....ready for a shower! Cute!

  7. I am originally from Elk River, MN. I had no idea there was another "Elk River". What fun!

  8. Hello, I am very interested in getting a tea cart like the one shown above i am curious what the brand is and or if you know the name of the style?