Friday, October 21, 2011

1959 Aljo

Scary huh!

We all need a little plastic surgery at some point...and after all, she is 52 years old!

I luv these seats & will have them re-done.... the table is soooo cool! it has that 'atomic starburst' design that was so popular in the late '50's & early '60's.

OK, some of you have asked how things are coming along on the Aljo...welllllll!? she is in hibernation for my poor hubby is trying to get #3 finished up....
In fact hubby has made it pretty clear that I am to Not bring home any more 'projects' for him until #3 is done... we'll see.... heeheehee! Besides, after 39 years of marriage, he is to old & tired to train in a new wife! lolololol!


  1. The BIG, good for you!! That will call for a big celebration! When is it?

    Good luck with #3 Gary...I know you can do it. I am getting the urge to work on mine but with no where to do it...bummer.

    Love the new look on your blog.

  2. Yes...but he did not say to 'never' bring another one home! Gotta love this man! :)

  3. Sally,
    So very true!
    Glad you read between the lines! lol!