Sunday, October 16, 2011

One Last Glamp....

Well thanks to a break in the gloomy raining weather, 15 of my SOTF other gal-pals & myself got to have one last Glamping Fest before we tuck our trailers away for the Winter....
We had our 2nd Annual 'SOTF~ Halloweenie HO-Down' at Riverside State Park.
Even though we couldn't do much decorating due to the rain we still had a wonderful weekend. Oh What fun! Glamping, Junktiquing & Pot Lucking...
As I always do, I get up early and walk around by the river. I enjoy the quiet of the morning, as well as watching nature slowly waking up. I saw 2 Eagles and what seemed to be like a gazillion geese. It was wonderful.
Here is my wee lil trailer, getting ready for the day,,, a bit soggy after a night of rain.

I had taken a lot of photos but for some reason my camera was acting wonky so most of my photos did not come out! Bummer.

This is Fran's sweet lil trailer....she is still snuggled in.

This is Karen's lil 14ft. Shasta. shhh! she is still sleeping!

Connie brought her 'Bandit Queen' complete with (faux) bullet holes! lol!

Nancy brought her trailer #2 'Pony Express' this time...leaving 'Iron Pony' at home with her hubby, Dave.

Sweet sleeping trailers..but soon there will be all kinds of activity...from hiking, to shopping to getting ready for the evening's festivities.... Costumes, games, ornament gift exchange, food & fire pits.... I am already dreaming of next Spring when we can gather together again. But...until then, Happy Trails to you until we meet again.


  1. Looks like a fabulous time even with wet weather! I take possession of my little Scotty in a few weeks, can hardly wait! I'm visiting you for inspiration -smile- and, yes, I am joining SOTF...whoooohoooo!

  2. Caught the only quiet time we had...ha! It was a blast...thanks for hosting!