Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Goodies for #3

Today I finished up these 3 little deco pillows for Trailer #3 I made these 2 small pillows from some left over fabric from the pillow case below.

Now that I have assembled this pillow, I kind of wish I had outlined the 'eggs' first before sewing it into a pillow...oh well. The dark red fabric is wool from an old coat that was cut up, washed, steamed and now is a sweet soft pillow. It's a fun combination of wool and cross stitch and as always,,,, yoyos...

I needed a slumber pillow case for Trailer #3.... and here it is! I love this fun fabric that was gifted to me by my dear friend, Bev..... oh so perfect for sweet dreams while Glamping. The 'ric rack' trim is vintage from the 1950's. I happened across a box of sewing notions for under $2.00 while out Thrifting.... and it was loaded with wooden thread spools and ric rack... Score!
I also finished the last two curtain panels for the trailer.

Unfortunately, we got about 1 1/2" of snow today so I decided not to trek out to the ManCave to hang them.. maybe tomorrow unless we get more snow,,, oh joy!

Last but not least,,, my little mascot for trailer #3.... a 'Self Portrait' of me!?! lol!

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  1. Everything is adorable...can't wait to see her in action!