Friday, February 17, 2012

Small But Spacious...

OK, this is what my 1964 FleetCraft is suppose to look like..... with a rounded back.

And this is what she looked like when I brought her home....

Is it polite for me to refer to one of the previous owners as a 'DipStick of a Fool' for cutting the whole back side off? It was his way of 'solving' the rot damage to the back of the trailer.

But I knew 'Trailer #3' had potential..... and at 9'8" long and 6'5" wide I still fill like I have plenty of room to move about in her. The actual inside is even smaller when you factor in the twin bed and kitchen counter... but lot's of windows, bright and airy feeling.

What I love about having several trailers is I can match my mood to my trailer when ever I want to go out and play or Glamp.

It looks like this little girl will be ready for her maiden voyage in May to Pendleton Oregon.

Yipeeee & Wagons HO!

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