Thursday, February 28, 2013


Well, the snow is finally melting away,,, and  the rains are coming in.... but... if all goes according to plan, this weekend the hubby and I will get to go play out in the 'ManCave'  and work on Tin Cup...

We decided to do a 2nd dose of 'bug bomb'... just in case there are any multi-legged creepy crawlies... so we'll be vacuuming (again) dead creepy crawlies and dehydrated wasps!
That being said,,, hubby wants to work on the wiring... I want to work on the windows... hopefully the weather will co-operate and we can leave the barn door open so we can get lots of day light to work by. Sunshine would be great, but we'll settle for day light and maybe 40 weather.... :>)

In the mean time I am almost finished with my stitchery of my "7-days a week of Glamping"... but look what I spotted on Face Book,,, hmmm, maybe I should think about trying to stitch up one like this as well!
Isn't it just the cutest? 
Well, back to my other stitching projects.... tata-4-now...

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