Friday, March 1, 2013

Yee HAW!

Well, here are some goodies I scored for my trailer adventures...
 Well, all I have left to finish stitching is "Friday"...and then all "7 days of the Week" will be ready to quilt into a trailer comforter..... whew!
 Oh my stars,,, I soooo love this sweet little Scotty lace piece that was given to me by one of my dear trailerette gal~pals... Carolyn.... Thank you Carolyn so very much... I can hardly wait to put this into my trailer... kind of thinking I might tack stitch it onto a deco pillow with a blue background... the same blue as my trailer... what do you think? Maybe stitch on some litte bows at each corner in the same blue...
 I found this fab-u-los wool blanket at the Thrift... took it home laundered it... fluffed it and oh my!.
 I can hardly wait to snuggle with it in my trailer... but which trailer shall I put it in?  aacckk!

 I also bought this wonderful 'Lodgey' looking wool jacket.... it looks and feels like a wool blanket...
It will be perfect for my Glamping trip to White Bird Idaho in April,,, goodness knows I will stay snuggly warm in it!


  1. Love your blog. I have a 1964 Scotty and would love the pattern for your embroidery. Lou Ann

    1. Hi Lou Ann... which stitchery? my Scotty dog?