Friday, March 1, 2013

I Spy A Spy...

Hmmm, could this be Colonel Peekaboo doing Dress Inspection?
 a very very close inspection....
 looking kinda sloppy there, soldier!
Wait, do we have a Spy in the crowd?  Don't 'moose' with us!  lol!

I have 11 pairs of cowgirl boots,  the 2 that flank both ends are my trusty dusty work/ranch boots.... not much pretty to look at,,, but they kick butt and get the job done!
Then I have my cute attitude boots, the red, blue, purple and rust ones... they are my go-to boots for dress up...I also have some day wear boots for shopping or what ever... and then I have my prissy boots, my Luccchese...which do not set foot on dirt, rocks or mud... I told you these are my prissy boots! lol!

Now, for the Spies... even tho they are my go-to moose slippers, they co-habitate with my boots... so they really aren't spies... or are they????  lol!...


  1. Wow, I'd just give my eye teeth for more than two! Beautiful boots and I love your embroidery!

  2. LOVE your boots! I only have 3 pair - but I do have a sign in my sewing room that says "If the boot fits, buy every color!"