Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Rain is Slowing Me Down..

I know we need the rain,, and am glad to see it... but,,, it is putting a 'damper' on my "getter done" mode! lol!
Plus that I am eagerly waiting for my Hobby Lobby shipment, so I can finish up the 'trim' deco stuff in my trailer... But while I am waiting, I want to tell you about a wonderful Scone mix which is perfect to take and bake while Glamping... unless you don't have an oven in your trailer...
 Sticky Fingers Scone Mix... OMGeepers! they are beyond yummy and oh so easy to whip up.
 There are a lot of wonderful flavors and even Gluten Free for those of you who can not tolerate gluten products.
Simply add water, mix and bake... so very easy peasy....

My personal favorite is the Lemon Poppy Seed mix... makes even the dreariest Spokane days sunny! Which by the way is where 'Sticky Fingers' is located.

I baked up a batch last night,, to combat  the rainy day blues... Perfect,  sunshine in each bite!
You can buy Sticky Finger products on line at their web site, or Amazon or at your local 'World Market-Cost Plus' store... (my personal favorite)...

Well, I think it's time to put on a pot of tea and delve into the Scones,, care to join me?
Happy Trails....

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