Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nice Weather...

Well here it is, almost the middle of October, and we are still having lovely warm weather... I wish I could squeeze in one more Glamping trip, but alas, to many things to do right now..

SO I think I will be sure to keep a smile on,  by placing some of my 'lil trailers' strategically through out the house...
I especially  love this one because it is from my Aunt and Uncle over in Prescott Arizona.

Oh and on a recent outing up to Merced, we found a 'Hobby Lobby' (craft store on Steroids)!
and I spotted this cute cookie jar, but it was quit pricey and only 30% on sale... so the next time I am up in Merced, I will mossy on over to Hobby Lobby and see if they have gone to 50% on sale which brings the jar down to $24.00.
 Cute jar to store the Christmas cookies in!
 fun details all around..
even the back side is 'Jolly'...

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