Saturday, October 18, 2014

Oh Good Golly!

Oh Good Golly!!! when did I amass soooo much trailer stuff?
I went out to the garage, out of curiosity, to see how many 'bins' of trailer deco stuff I had... YIKES!
I counted 13 bins, 3 suitcases, several 'Jugs', train cases, port-a-bars, etc...  Yikes is an understatement!
 and there are more bins behind this stuff!
 not to mention left over flooring vinyl from a previous trailer repair.
 and what you don't see in these photos are the Jugs, train cases, vtg. iron boards... and more stuff on the other side!
I need an Intervention... or a bigger garage! 
After all, the one who dies with the most trailer deco stuff... is the Winner! Yippee!
I am a Winner!  lol!


  1. You are definitely the winner...although, my stuff is bigger items that can't fit into containers or bins.... Ugh. They don't fit on a shelf either. I did break down and admit that I needed an intervention or buy bins. I bought three bins. Heck with that intervention stuff, I might have to get rid of stuff! Cute post. I am off with Sherry today...Sun Lakes...have a good weekend.

  2. Karen, we are 'birds of a feather'... lol!

  3. I understand completely...although my problem is much smaller. I find something for my trailer...and then I find a similar item that works much better. I had a mouse in the trailer for a short time before I trapped it. I found the mouse entrance and mouse proofed the trailer. That prompted a good cleaning, and looking at everything. I found that I had several items that I haven't used. Out of the trailer, into a bin.