Monday, January 9, 2012

3 More Trailer Projects Completed.

I put the final touches on my Milking Stool....3 coats of polyurethane, and some rhinestone Bling!

This little shelf is for my Aljo,,, just waiting to be adorned with sweet little trinkets & little perfume bottles.

I found this little Scotty Dog hoop at the Thrift for 99cents... it had cheesy shiny plaid ribbon trim around it so I removed the plaid ribbon, added some YoYos and a little Ladybug... This will hang out on my Scotty trailer....
Now to find some more projects to finish....


  1. My husband got me a vintage camper yesterday...have to get it home to start planning the redo. Your blog will be a big is pretty far gone.

  2. I love your projects and the ideas & uses behind them! It's alot of fun to get creative & make something so cute and homey...and...with a real purpose!! I'm so into the simple cans fruits & veggies come in! My best friend sent me a can opener that cuts the tops smoothly & I've made some of the cutest containers with lids! Keeps me outta trouble!! :o) Love your blog!