Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My New Tow Vehicle!

Talk about Going Green! Could this be my new source of 'Horse Power' to tow my trailers?

Introducing, Duster, my Beautiful Quarter Horse Mare and the newest addition to our family.
OK, just kidding about the 'towing' part... but she is my new source of 'cruising' around with...lol!
Duster will come home to live with me in May... right now she is at "Horsey Finishing School for Young Ladies"... (translates too: Living with the trainer & updating her skills & manners!) lol!
Her trainer is an awesome friend and lady. Patty B... and she is a well known horse trainer as well as a frequent contributing writer for Horse & Rider magazine. Patty also assists in helping with staging the horses to be photographed for articles... not an easy task. Patty is one smart lady when it comes to horses. And I am so lucky to call her my friend, Glamping Buddy & Auntie to my girl, Duster!
Happy Trails to you.....

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