Sunday, April 8, 2012

Almost done....sort of...

Look what the 'Hub's" did today... Diamonds are a girls best friend & Diamond Plate is a trailers best friend! I am so delighted,,, I love the look of my new Diamond Plate... Thank you hubby dearest.

My new 'screen door' curtain.... love it! I dare the skeeters to get inside!

I love how my lace curtains look when the light is on.

I like that when there are no bugs around,,,ya right! , I can tie my curtain screen open.

My little mascot, keeping watch over "Farmgirl on the Loose"..

Happy Trails!


  1. Looking good...can't wait to see her in person.

  2. Love Your Idea of your screen door
    lace...clever, clever...try spraying it with a little skintastic or natural scented bug repellent..I'm gonna try your idea on my new trailer awning side.
    Smiles to You Creative Lady!

  3. Is it just me? or does Blogger not like me? I can't seem to access my Blog...grrrr!

  4. What a kool idea for a screen! I LOVE lace and never even thought of doing that!!! My wheels are turning...thanks! :o)