Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Hat...

With all that I am doing,,, a new make-over for my lil Scotty... I realized she needed a hat update too!
 Here is an easy peasy project... take an old worn or not so favorite cowgirl hat, buy 2yards of any sweet drapey sheer type fabric, lightly wrap around your hat and with a bit of tacky glue or a glue gun apply a few drops of glue in a few inconspicuous spots of the hat to keep the fabric in place. then create a 'puff' (think semi pony tail) tie in position and add a few drops of glue to secure. then  just glue on any kind of trim,,, flowers, beads old jewelry,,, what ever... and Voila! you have a sweet hat befitting any fashionista cowgirl!
It's such a girlie~girl hat and I love it.

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