Sunday, April 27, 2014


Well we finally were able to drag home our newest member to our trailer family... haven't named her yet... so for now I'll just call her "Cub"...

We spotted this cute lil trailer about 4 months ago, (in our neighborhood) and finally got brave enough to mail the owners a little letter  stating that if ever they wanted to part with it, give us a call... and call they did.. we got to see it, agreed on a price and then, in spite of the rain, we dragged her to her new forever home.

From our research and the helpful input from Tim Heintz (Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations) and Jeurgen Eichmuller we have come to the agreement that the trailer, is probably from the very late 1940's.
It is a Cub Cruiser by Viking, formally in Anaheim, California. The company for the most part went out of trailer manufacturing in the late 1950's. They sold their property to the Walt Disney Company in the early 1950's.  After ceasing production of trailers the Viking company turned it's focus on 'Midget Race Car' kits.

I have only seen one other Viking trailer,  a 16 footer, which is currently being restored by Tim Heintz. (In Florida).
Our little 'Cub' is 12ft long and 7ft wide and with it's bubble top, it is easy for hubby dearest to walk around in.

It's in pretty rough shape in some areas,,, but as we say, "Show No Fear!"...
 Here she sits all forlorn at her old home.
 Bringing her home...
We parked her next to her 'sister'...
and now for the fun and head scratching to begin...
 we managed to find a picture (from an ad on ebay) of what a small Viking trailer looks like.
 an old mattress was stored up along side our little Cub,, as you can see from the 'staining'
 I love the old hardware knobs and handles.
 This was the original Butane lamp... how Kool is that!
and now for the fun... FYI...I am married to the Best hubby in the world... because no matter what hair brained ideas or projects I come home with,,, he (after rolling his eyes), rolls up his sleeves and gets busy! 


  1. Congrats on your new trailer Gracie! Gary waste no time getting to work on her! What a great guy he is! Can't wait to see what you do with her! xox

  2. Oh my, I love her rounded shape and that little wheel-well cut-out :) So glad you adopted her!