Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Well all I can say is,,, OMGeepers! What a great time I had Glamping with all of my 170 +/- sisters down on the V6 Ranch in Parkfield, Calif...
Don't get me wrong,,, it was butt cold over night and beautiful in spite of the intermittent rains during the days. Dry camping at it's best and worst....
I was non-stop fluttering around hugging 'sisters' I haven't seen in years, and hugging new sisters that I just met,,, taking photos of some of the cutest trailers,,, aka 'playhouses on wheels'...target practicing, horse back riding and touring the Junktique shops over in Paso Robles... I found myself in 'trailer cuteness overload'...
And to think I will be doing it all over again in 6 weeks!
 We stopped off in Kettleman City for gas, a soda... and to stretch our legs.
 Welcome to the V6 Ranch.. 5 days of Glamping fun!
 We were surrounded by cattle and horse ranches.... and a gazillion ground squirrels!
 All set up, waiting for the first round of rains to hit.
 Trailer row.... there where trailers everywhere...
 Becky, and Maurrie, real life sisters who started 'Sisters on the Fly'... and tucked in between them is  Kris Brown (center) who was our Grand Hostess at camp.
 Me and my trustee steed, "Janzie".. what a sweet ride she was... if I thought I could have smuggle her in my trailer and brought her home,,, trust me, I would have!
 Yep,,, when you think Parkfield,, think Earthquake center of California, Shake, Rattle and Roll!
Ok, so maybe I was misbehaving just a wee bit... and to think, I thought,,, "What happens at Camp,,,  Stays at Camp".. WRONG!  lol!

Now to catch my breath until the last week of May for my next Sisters on the Fly outing up in the west side of Yosemite Valley, El Portal...
Wagons HO!


  1. Looks like you had a ton of fun.....glad you got some gals to run around with. Keep it up!

  2. WooHoo Grace! Nothing like sister time! xox

  3. So awesome! Your pictures are amazing!!! So great to meet ya in person! Such a nice chat! Your trailer is adorable! Wanna be back at V6 already how about you?:)

    1. Oh Ya!
      My next trip is up to Yosemite for the PowWow, end of May...