Friday, September 5, 2014

Another Train Case...

I love fun old train cases and have decorated 3 so far,,, so this makes #4... and I still have 3 stashed out in the garage for future decorating...
I started this train case when I was in Spokane this past July... I found the case at the Goodwill store for $1.99... it was pretty ugly which made it perfect for decorating...
I re-covered the inside with cute 'Scotty dog' duct tape... then I dragged the unfinished case back to California, where it sat in my craft room for a month before I could get back to it..
I decopage'd  gift wrap on the outside, painted the handle and bottom black, sealed everything with poly-varathane and now all  that is left to do is embellish it on the outside... I need to go through my stash of Bling and Ribbon and see what I can find... stay tuned! lol!
(go down to Aug. to see the beginning of this case).

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  1. That's really cute! I'm in the middle of doing a makeover on a traincase too, I am stuck at the moment trying to fill in a spot I had to take a lock out of...but I have a solution for it...just takes time to get it done. I love the idea of the Scottie duct tape on the inside, it's so cute!