Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cheap Wine and Glamping...

So,  what does Cheap Wine & trailer camping have anything to do with each other???

I was out visiting with my Uncle and family two weeks ago, and on the way home I stopped off at the ".99cent" store... you never know what you will find there... and I was surprised to find wine,, yes, wine!  Moscato white wine,,, Seriously! and for only .99cents a bottle!!!
(oops! forgot to rotate the photo.).. any way, I had not opened it until the other day,,, and oh my goodness!! not only did I not need a cork screw, but...It was actually good!

If I thought the store still had some, I would go buy a whole case, (or 2) to take camping with me... heck a whole case would cost the same as 1 nice bottle of wine,,, and I could share and enjoy with out breaking the Bank! lol!
Now I wish I had opened it sooner! Oh well,,,, just goes to show, ya never know!

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