Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting Ready for Winter...

It's almost that time year, when it's time to get ready to tuck our sweet little 'playhouses on wheels' away for the Winter.
Checking for any possible leak spots, packing away linens, pillows etc. and putting my 'go to' moisture absorber in each trailer...
You can find these at Walmart for $4  but I have found them at our local Dollar store, yes, for $1.
But you can also use kitty litter w/charcoal... just use a plastic container the size of a shoebox, fill it 2" deep of the kitty litter w/charcoal and place on the floor in the center of your trailer... If your trailer is larger then 16', I would suggest 2 litter boxes, placed one at each end of the trailer... and come Spring, when you pull your trailer out of storage, you can re-use the litter for your kitties..  just don't be surprised to see a heard of kitties clawing at your trailer door! lol!

As we trailer lovers know, keeping moisture out of our trailers while stored away is very important to prevent mildew and moisture damage to the wood..


  1. Thanks for the reminder....I almost forgot about those. I get mine at the dollar store and usually use three. Heading to W B on the first and then again to leave it there starting in November. Happy Trails.

    1. Karen, give everyone a big hug from me at Wht.Brd... :<) I miss you all so very much!